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October 8, 2023

Original Grace

Filed under: daily — Lawrence Peterson @ 9:41 am

I just finished reading a wonderful book entitled, Original Grace by Adam S. Miller, an LDS philosopher. I recommend it to everyone. One insight from the book is the idea that the moment of creation is now. I think this is implicit in the fact that any visit to the temple rehearses the creation, without regard to scientific chronology.

In the book, Miller uses the example of a teenager who is in the process of creation and recreation at every moment. I think this is evident in society’s current confusion about gender and the debate about when or how it is to be determined. But this is hardly the main idea of the book, only one of many pearls of wisdom that can be found there.

One more pearl is Miller’s extended exegesis of King Benjamin’s sermon. Viewed in the light of Miller’s analysis, King Benjamin’s doctrine seems to have been given straight from heaven. Suddenly, Benjamin’s claim to having been taught by an angel on the eve of the sermon seems undeniable.

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