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February 21, 2021

Single Source of Truth

Filed under: daily — Lawrence Peterson @ 9:41 am

I recently wrote a project in Elm-lang. During my researches, I learned about the importance of “a single source of truth” in programming. I am wondering how that applies more generally. Here are two possible examples:

We have just recovered from four disastrous years of political misrule. In the 19th century, the Latter-day Saints learned that democracy can sometimes mean tyranny by the majority. When all recourse to the established governmental authority failed them, they established what has been called The Council of Fifty as an alternative remedy. This council functioned under the proposition that a theocracy would be a superior form of government. This is, of course, true, if you have access to the word of God on such matters and if the people have faith in the prophet and a willingness to obey his revelations.

It occurs to me that, if the leader is truly inspired and not functioning under any manner of self interest, other difficult issues could safely be entrusted to him. One such issue, which is currently troubling society is: what constitutes a family. Granting the inspired, good faith leader discretion to order such personal arrangements to best fit and benefit the individuals involved would be superior to the current solution of trusting legislatures and courts to set arbitrary, one size fits all parameters. Once again, however, the success of such a solution depends on actual access to the word of God on such matters and a willingness to implement the solutions received.

I have learned from experience that the policy of allowing the good bishop to distribute available welfare resources to those in need according to his best judgment is superior to distributing goods and money according to the firmly established rules and regulations of a governmental welfare system.

None-the-less, no system can successfully regulate human affairs when people, both leaders and followers, act only from crass self-interest without inspiration, self-discipline or regard for the general welfare.

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