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October 4, 2022

Wedding Feast

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Last night I dreamed that one of my grandchildren married a New York socialite and they returned to their luxurious New York apartment after the wedding to prepare for the reception, but it was full of the bride’s socialite relatives bringing presents, socializing and making business deals. My job was to drive them off so the couple could prepare for the reception, but no one was paying me the least attention.

This dream has caused me to reflect on a General Conference talk I heard over the weekend. Elder Bednar talked about the Savior’s parable of the wedding feast. The invited guests refused to attend because they had to attend to their farms and businesses. He concluded the reference to the parable with the quote “many are called but few are chosen.” Then he refenced that phrase from the Doctrine and Covenants where it explains why they are not chosen: “…because their hearts are set so much upon the things of this world, and aspire to the honors of men….”

My own experience has demonstrated to me that the world is governed by the second law of thermodynamics. Everything wears out, rusts, runs down or dies. As I said to our fireside group: “every time I impressed a judge in my law practice, he either retired or died soon thereafter.” Earthly success is like building sandcastles on the beach. It is not a smart move to pass up God’s marriage feast for the honors of men.

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